Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Strawberry Season- Let's Make A Tart !

Well past weekend i  couldn't resist to buy strawberries when i saw them on the market.Every region and country has a different strawberry season but what i know is we are all very close to eat these delicious fresh strawberries or make strawberry tarts:)
Here are some adorable strawberry finds for you.

Vintage Ceramic Pitcher is from : LeasVinatge
Strawberry Red Mens T-shirt is from : ZIBtextile 
Candies from : KettleConfections
Red Earrings are from : SarahRobinL 
Crochet Strawberries are from : Sabahnur 
Red Peace t-shirt is from : WrenWillow 
Strawberry Photography is from : Raceytay
Polka Dots Felted Soaps are from : Sofino 
Red Shawl is from : Filofashion
Red Drop Ruby Earrings are from : TOOSIS
Coffee Cozy is from : Thecozyproject 
Pyramid Shape Candies are from : Fusionsweets  

!!! Happy Easter !!!

!!! Happy Easter !!!

12 Cool Handmade Easter Finds 

1-Egg cozies from Sabahnur
 2-Rabbits Illustration from TheJoyofColor
3-Blue Easter Egg from MonikaDesign
4-Rabbit On a Bike T-shirt from Darkcycleclothing
5-Vintage Bird Stamp from Becaruns
6-Rabbit Photo Kit from Suzi and Jay
7-Spring Birds T-shirt from Nikacollection 
8-Organic rabbit Toy from SewnNatural
9-Rabbit felt Ring from Lizzieneedles
10- Easter Eggs Photography from Raceytay 
11-Easter Bunny Cookies from bbsweetslove
12- Rabbit Cell Phone Cover from Taia

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tree and Forest love

So far i remember I  think i was 12 years old when i first planted a tree.We planted trees with my friends at my primary school.And now when i go and visit my old school i can happily say this is our tress and we planted them years ago.

This weekend me and my family we went to plant trees with the members of Aegean Forest Foundation.It was a wonderful experience for all of us and especially for my nephew.

My nephew Planted a tree and after he gave the first water with my mother.

5 years later all trees that he planted will be at his hight.I think nature is our future and we must take a good care and protect.
I just want to copy and paste this phrase which i believe it is so very true. "If we want to live in very green country we must spread this conscious to all of our friends and neighborhood and especially to our children. We should turn panting a tree into a hobby that makes us happy such as reading a book, sport, listening to music or traveling.''