Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Strawberry Season- Let's Make A Tart !

Well past weekend i  couldn't resist to buy strawberries when i saw them on the market.Every region and country has a different strawberry season but what i know is we are all very close to eat these delicious fresh strawberries or make strawberry tarts:)
Here are some adorable strawberry finds for you.

Vintage Ceramic Pitcher is from : LeasVinatge
Strawberry Red Mens T-shirt is from : ZIBtextile 
Candies from : KettleConfections
Red Earrings are from : SarahRobinL 
Crochet Strawberries are from : Sabahnur 
Red Peace t-shirt is from : WrenWillow 
Strawberry Photography is from : Raceytay
Polka Dots Felted Soaps are from : Sofino 
Red Shawl is from : Filofashion
Red Drop Ruby Earrings are from : TOOSIS
Coffee Cozy is from : Thecozyproject 
Pyramid Shape Candies are from : Fusionsweets  

!!! Happy Easter !!!

!!! Happy Easter !!!

12 Cool Handmade Easter Finds 

1-Egg cozies from Sabahnur
 2-Rabbits Illustration from TheJoyofColor
3-Blue Easter Egg from MonikaDesign
4-Rabbit On a Bike T-shirt from Darkcycleclothing
5-Vintage Bird Stamp from Becaruns
6-Rabbit Photo Kit from Suzi and Jay
7-Spring Birds T-shirt from Nikacollection 
8-Organic rabbit Toy from SewnNatural
9-Rabbit felt Ring from Lizzieneedles
10- Easter Eggs Photography from Raceytay 
11-Easter Bunny Cookies from bbsweetslove
12- Rabbit Cell Phone Cover from Taia

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tree and Forest love

So far i remember I  think i was 12 years old when i first planted a tree.We planted trees with my friends at my primary school.And now when i go and visit my old school i can happily say this is our tress and we planted them years ago.

This weekend me and my family we went to plant trees with the members of Aegean Forest Foundation.It was a wonderful experience for all of us and especially for my nephew.

My nephew Planted a tree and after he gave the first water with my mother.

5 years later all trees that he planted will be at his hight.I think nature is our future and we must take a good care and protect.
I just want to copy and paste this phrase which i believe it is so very true. "If we want to live in very green country we must spread this conscious to all of our friends and neighborhood and especially to our children. We should turn panting a tree into a hobby that makes us happy such as reading a book, sport, listening to music or traveling.''

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Shooting With My New Straw Sun Hat

It has been a very long time that i didn't write on my blog.
I moved back to Turkey,Izmir from Paris and i settled down.One year adventure in Paris is over.I will miss Paris soo... very much.Just a wonderful city.I feel very lucky to had this opportunity.Thanks to my husbands Pastry School :)
I haven't got too much time to write on my blog.Moving from one country to another is kind a hard and there were so many things i must do.
But recently after i settled down i had the opportunity to do new hats.I saw this beautiful color of paper yarn and fabric at the yarn shop and wanted a make Farmer Style Straw Hat.
I asked my friend for modeling for my new hat and She said yes :)
Than i asked to my families friends who has a farm for permission for photo shooting.And they said yes.
So first we decided what to wear with my new straw hat and than there are few things that i want to buy for photo shooting.
1-) Basket
2-) Some carrots,apples for horses.

Next they we went to the farm house for photo shooting.Farm is just wonderful.There are beautiful horses and  the environment  is just wonderful.

I took this photo inside the barn and we were very lucky that someone is just preparing her horse to ride.Thanks to my friend she is not afraid of horses.We gave to the horse a carrot and than try to discover new places to take more photos.

When we went outside we found this wonderful place where horses relax outside.Just perfect for photo shooting.Sky was perfect.Even it was 12 am photos turned out well.I personally prefer sunrise or sunset for photo shooting because other times of the day sun is very bright.It was cloudy and i liked the way  photos turned out.

Just other side of this place we saw a picnic place with lots of daisies.I want to show the brim of the hat.So this place is perfect.You can easily see that  you  change your brim down words.Or you can roll up the ends.

Next Step is to take photo of the hat without model.My friend took this photo and i loved that photo too.We took approx. 300 pictures and it was very hard for me too choose just 5 of them for my Etsy listing.
I hope you like my new Sun Hat.
Here is the link for my new Sun hat :

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Is On The Way

I know it is early but CHRISTMAS is on the way.
I love christmas.All the decorations at homes,shops and streets.This will be my first Christmas in Paris and i can't wait to see all Christmas designs.

Since Christmas is my subject today i would like to post some pictures of my latest Christmas work.
I love to make Santa hat and booties but i wanted try something different.I used Holly Berry as a christmas design on my hats and baby booties.Hope you like them.Here are some pictures of my holly berry hat and booties.

Here is my Holly Berry hat :) My Fried Cat took this picture with her lovely daughter Lily.I really don't know how thank her for these wonderful pictures.

Here is another wonderful Picture of Lily.Isn't she is adorably cute !!!

And My Holly Berry Baby Booties 

They are all available at my shop : 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Handmade Cute Animal Baby Booties

Here are my new baby booties

I was trying to make baby booties for a long time.First i tried with felt but since i don't have a sewing machine it will be very hard for me to make lots of them in a short time period.I even think about going to sewing courses in Paris but then i asked myself i crochet ; why am i trying to sew.Lets go on with crochet :)
Here are my new baby booties matching with my hats.Going to make more designs if i could find time.

Here are some pictures for you of  my matching baby booties with my hats :)
Hope you like them :)They are all available at my shop

Polar Bear  

Bunny Rabbit 



Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Happy Story

 In August approx. everywhere closes in France even some of the Kiosks are closed.My husbands pastry shop that he will be working for 6 months is also closed in august.So we decided to take a small vacation in august.We went to Cassis.There are wonderful hidden coves and i missed sea and sun a lot.
Well My husband was responsible for our camera.(This is our second camera.We lost the first one on the First day we arrive to Paris.) He said ''This time it is impossible to get lost because i put my passport in the camera bag ''. Now i really wish he didn't put his passport in the camera bag.
Well we took a train to Marseille.On the way Metin decided to put the camera bag in the suitcase.At least he remembers he put the camera in the suitcase.After Marseille we took another train to Cassis and arrived this beautiful cute town.We settled down and took a small walk in the city.I wish i had some photos of Cassis.It is a wonderful place.
In the second day we wanted go to the hidden coves.
For Hidden Coves you have 3 options.

  • 1st one is to rent a boat which coasts 300 euros.
  • 2nd one is kayaking.But they sometimes close because of the wind.
  • 3rd option is hiking.

So we chose the third the option.Metin bought some fruits sandwiches and water and we were ready to go.
Then we noticed where is the camera.We looked everywhere in the room but sadly no camera.Well here we go again camera and passport was stolen or lost.So with our sandwiches we went to Marseille train station and police and we did all the things must be done when you lost your passport and so on.

My aim is not to tell you a story about our lost or stolen camera and passport actually i want to tell you story about wonderful person that i met through Etsy.

At Etsy I met a wonderful person who also lives in France in Normandy region.We all afraid in online communication and the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter...Because there are good people but also not real people too.But sometimes they allows us good opportunities.Like in my situation.
When we returned back Cat ordered custom order.Her order turned out so very cute that i also would like to post on my online Etsy store.But here we go ''no camera''.She suggested to take some photos with her daughter and send me.That was the one of my happiest moments.After she received her custom made headband she sent me the photos.
Sweet Lily with her new flower Tiara headband  
After i asked her if she could take some photos with new hats.She said "Yes".I was again the happiest person the world.
Photos are the most important part of having a online shop because people don't have the opportunity to touch or try items.They only see the photos.For example for a hat i always to take photos with babies and children because i want my customers to see how the hat looks while baby is wearing.I also try to take photos all around the hat.Because i want them to see how hat looks on the back.Does hat cover the neck and so on.

So I sent 3 hats to Cat.I sent them with the fastest shipping but it took a while to arrive.Everyday i was waiting for a message from Cat that my hats arrived safely.Finally i had a message from her that my hats arrived safely.Sadly there was a road work in front her house and her husband had to go to the post office and ask for a package.

Do you want to see some photos of my new hats?? Here we go !!

Sweet Lily with my Knit Kitten Hat 
Sweet Lily with my Knit Orange Hat 
Cat sent these wonderful Photos.She was very helpful.She was asking how shall i took photos.She even took photos of Lily in basket while she was wearing my hat.Everyday she sent me photos of one hat and they are all gorgeous.To take one photo she took approx. 40 photos and than she edited them and she first asked me if like the photos and after sent me all of them.I also take baby photos with hats and i really know that taking baby photos is very hard.I really don't know how to thank her.Besides taking photos she also helped me as mother buyer which tags should use on my listings and she guide me on the description of my new listings.
I am so very Glad that i met Cat through Etsy.
Here is her shop at Etsy :
She sells wonderful vintage home decor items