Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Is On The Way

I know it is early but CHRISTMAS is on the way.
I love christmas.All the decorations at homes,shops and streets.This will be my first Christmas in Paris and i can't wait to see all Christmas designs.

Since Christmas is my subject today i would like to post some pictures of my latest Christmas work.
I love to make Santa hat and booties but i wanted try something different.I used Holly Berry as a christmas design on my hats and baby booties.Hope you like them.Here are some pictures of my holly berry hat and booties.

Here is my Holly Berry hat :) My Fried Cat took this picture with her lovely daughter Lily.I really don't know how thank her for these wonderful pictures.

Here is another wonderful Picture of Lily.Isn't she is adorably cute !!!

And My Holly Berry Baby Booties 

They are all available at my shop : 

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