Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Shooting With My New Straw Sun Hat

It has been a very long time that i didn't write on my blog.
I moved back to Turkey,Izmir from Paris and i settled down.One year adventure in Paris is over.I will miss Paris soo... very much.Just a wonderful city.I feel very lucky to had this opportunity.Thanks to my husbands Pastry School :)
I haven't got too much time to write on my blog.Moving from one country to another is kind a hard and there were so many things i must do.
But recently after i settled down i had the opportunity to do new hats.I saw this beautiful color of paper yarn and fabric at the yarn shop and wanted a make Farmer Style Straw Hat.
I asked my friend for modeling for my new hat and She said yes :)
Than i asked to my families friends who has a farm for permission for photo shooting.And they said yes.
So first we decided what to wear with my new straw hat and than there are few things that i want to buy for photo shooting.
1-) Basket
2-) Some carrots,apples for horses.

Next they we went to the farm house for photo shooting.Farm is just wonderful.There are beautiful horses and  the environment  is just wonderful.

I took this photo inside the barn and we were very lucky that someone is just preparing her horse to ride.Thanks to my friend she is not afraid of horses.We gave to the horse a carrot and than try to discover new places to take more photos.

When we went outside we found this wonderful place where horses relax outside.Just perfect for photo shooting.Sky was perfect.Even it was 12 am photos turned out well.I personally prefer sunrise or sunset for photo shooting because other times of the day sun is very bright.It was cloudy and i liked the way  photos turned out.

Just other side of this place we saw a picnic place with lots of daisies.I want to show the brim of the hat.So this place is perfect.You can easily see that  you  change your brim down words.Or you can roll up the ends.

Next Step is to take photo of the hat without model.My friend took this photo and i loved that photo too.We took approx. 300 pictures and it was very hard for me too choose just 5 of them for my Etsy listing.
I hope you like my new Sun Hat.
Here is the link for my new Sun hat :

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  1. I am so excited about my new hats Beliz!! Thank you :) xo