Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Happy Story

 In August approx. everywhere closes in France even some of the Kiosks are closed.My husbands pastry shop that he will be working for 6 months is also closed in august.So we decided to take a small vacation in august.We went to Cassis.There are wonderful hidden coves and i missed sea and sun a lot.
Well My husband was responsible for our camera.(This is our second camera.We lost the first one on the First day we arrive to Paris.) He said ''This time it is impossible to get lost because i put my passport in the camera bag ''. Now i really wish he didn't put his passport in the camera bag.
Well we took a train to Marseille.On the way Metin decided to put the camera bag in the suitcase.At least he remembers he put the camera in the suitcase.After Marseille we took another train to Cassis and arrived this beautiful cute town.We settled down and took a small walk in the city.I wish i had some photos of Cassis.It is a wonderful place.
In the second day we wanted go to the hidden coves.
For Hidden Coves you have 3 options.

  • 1st one is to rent a boat which coasts 300 euros.
  • 2nd one is kayaking.But they sometimes close because of the wind.
  • 3rd option is hiking.

So we chose the third the option.Metin bought some fruits sandwiches and water and we were ready to go.
Then we noticed where is the camera.We looked everywhere in the room but sadly no camera.Well here we go again camera and passport was stolen or lost.So with our sandwiches we went to Marseille train station and police and we did all the things must be done when you lost your passport and so on.

My aim is not to tell you a story about our lost or stolen camera and passport actually i want to tell you story about wonderful person that i met through Etsy.

At Etsy I met a wonderful person who also lives in France in Normandy region.We all afraid in online communication and the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter...Because there are good people but also not real people too.But sometimes they allows us good opportunities.Like in my situation.
When we returned back Cat ordered custom order.Her order turned out so very cute that i also would like to post on my online Etsy store.But here we go ''no camera''.She suggested to take some photos with her daughter and send me.That was the one of my happiest moments.After she received her custom made headband she sent me the photos.
Sweet Lily with her new flower Tiara headband  
After i asked her if she could take some photos with new hats.She said "Yes".I was again the happiest person the world.
Photos are the most important part of having a online shop because people don't have the opportunity to touch or try items.They only see the photos.For example for a hat i always to take photos with babies and children because i want my customers to see how the hat looks while baby is wearing.I also try to take photos all around the hat.Because i want them to see how hat looks on the back.Does hat cover the neck and so on.

So I sent 3 hats to Cat.I sent them with the fastest shipping but it took a while to arrive.Everyday i was waiting for a message from Cat that my hats arrived safely.Finally i had a message from her that my hats arrived safely.Sadly there was a road work in front her house and her husband had to go to the post office and ask for a package.

Do you want to see some photos of my new hats?? Here we go !!

Sweet Lily with my Knit Kitten Hat 
Sweet Lily with my Knit Orange Hat 
Cat sent these wonderful Photos.She was very helpful.She was asking how shall i took photos.She even took photos of Lily in basket while she was wearing my hat.Everyday she sent me photos of one hat and they are all gorgeous.To take one photo she took approx. 40 photos and than she edited them and she first asked me if like the photos and after sent me all of them.I also take baby photos with hats and i really know that taking baby photos is very hard.I really don't know how to thank her.Besides taking photos she also helped me as mother buyer which tags should use on my listings and she guide me on the description of my new listings.
I am so very Glad that i met Cat through Etsy.
Here is her shop at Etsy :
She sells wonderful vintage home decor items


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