Monday, July 25, 2011

XXXXS Crochet and Knit

It has been a very long time since i didn't write on my blog.I was very busy making hats and than i got more busier.
Finally my husband graduated from his pastry school with good grades and he started his internship at Carl Marletti.He will be working at Carl Marletti for 6 months.
Carl Marlettis's website :

For me i started doing more smaller hats.Lets say tinny hats :) or xxxxs hats from crochet.
Mini Teddy Bear Hats
Pom Pom Friends Hat

Skiing Couple Mini hats

I didn't post  them to my Etsy shop because my shop is going to be very mixed up.In my shop i have crochet hats,straw hats,macaroons,bow ties,headbands,pony tails ....etc.
While i was making small hats from crochet i get curious about tiny knitting and crochet items so i searched on google for tiny small crochet or knitted items.I never saw crochet small hats like my hats before but someone should knit or crochet small items and i accidentally saw this wonderful website.

Her name is Althea Crome.She is a miniature knitter.On her video she says some of her needles are almost the dimension of a human hair.

Althea Crome, knitter of Coralines sweater and gloves, size xxs. 

Her blog : You can find detailed information about her and her work at her blog.She works with the tinniest needles that i think never been existed before.
Some pictures of her work

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