Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keep On Walking (Paris)

Today i can easily say that i walked nearly whole day.
My plan was to start from home and to go to the Cathedral Notre Dame and after look around.
On my way to the Cathedral what a surprise :))) i saw LADUREE and jumped into the store. I was very lucky that the store wasn't crowded because normally you have to wait in the line a lot to buy some yummy pastries.
Also, the reason why i jumped to the store was i want  their lovely macaroon box, so i can take better pictures of my crochet macaroons.

My new crochet macaroons with LADUREE box :)

Above all,  the main reason was their macaroons :))
They are the best. They are so and so delicious. Worth every penny.
I didn't see all LADUREE shops in Paris yet but this one has a restaurant in it and it is very very cute. If you already haven't been there, i strongly suggest this one.
The address is 21, Rue Bonaparte 75006
After taking my macaroon box and macaroons i kept on walking :O))
My plan is to keep macaroons for ''Metin and i'' but i thought i must try one. Then another one and another and suddenly realized that all macaroons are finished :/

Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame

After eating all the macaroons finally i arrived to Notre Dame. Such a beautiful Cathedral both from outside and inside.


These two windows are gorgeous. Looks like a rose and i think they are called Rose Windows. I Just stayed there and watched the windows for a while, such a beauty.

Another picture from the Cathedral. Actually i bought audio guide but never used it. Inside is so impressing that you don't even need it :) I only used it for the treasury part.

The entrance view of the Cathedral 

Another outside view

I took this picture while waiting outside for the line to go up and see the wonderful view.
But there were too many people on the line so i left the line and went to Saint Michel to look around.
I just get lost on the streets and accidentally i went to this passage and saw this wonderful bar, restaurant, cafe and pastry place.

Un Dimanche A Paris

Metin said their pastry teacher showed them this place as a modern pastry shop in Paris. This place's name is Un Dimanche A Paris.
I have no idea how i found this place but i am writing here the address also for me too.
4-6-8, Cour de Commerce Saint Andre , Saint Germain Des Pres 
Also if you click on the title of the photo you can take a closer look at the place.
They have wonderful macaroons with yoghurt and strawberry. Since i ate all LADUREE macaroons i bought these ones for Metin and i can happily say that i didn't eat these ones :DD.

Pierre Herme

On my way home there is a Pierre Herme shop. I was planing to buy something but it was very crowded so i skipped that one, but i strongly suggest Pierre Herme macaroons and ALL things in this shop. Actually there is a beautiful place near the shop where you can buy your sweets and you can sit in this beautiful place called Saint Sulpice. Here are some photos from Place Saint Suplice.

Place Saint Sulpice

There is a also Eglise Saint Sulpice. You can also visit this place too.
It is time to go home i was freezing as always. The weather was very good in the morning but in the afternoon it started to get cold.

Always ending with Metin's pastry :( in my next post i will start with his pastry works.
I am telling to all couples if you don't like cooking or if you don't have time to cook well you must support your partner to go to the pastry school. On my way home i went to the market and bought something for dinner but hubby come home with his wonderful cakes. What a lovely evening :O)
He said you don't have to cook i bring these cakes for dinner :O))
What a wonderful sentence please say one more time :DDD
Here are Metin's art works. These ones are savory. This week's pastry arts are savory things, just perfect :O) This one used to be a big square but we forget to take picture before we eat so last pieces of Metin's slaty cake with cheese.


And the last piece goes to me :) Yesterday Metin also brought a wonderful savory cake called cake salle with feta, basil and dried tomatos but we finished it in 5 minutes so sadly i don't have a photo of that one :((

After ( last piece goes to me :))

This one is very very yummy too. There is goat cheese and potatoes inside. This half only rested there for a second :O)

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