Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yummies From Hubby And Bazaar Blvd Egar Quinet

We will be living in Paris for one year so French Pastry must be on my blog.
Since my husband is going to a pastry school, i would like to share his yummy works with you.
He is going to Ferrandi Pastry school ( Here is the link you can take a closer look at the school.

Here he is with his uniform. I will take a better picture later. This one was taken with iphone because, sadly we lost our photograph machine when we first came to Paris, but finally bought another one. Actually i am planing to go to his school to take a better picture of him with his uniform and friends.

First week, i waited and waited for tarts. Finally on Friday he came home with 4 tarts. Actually for dinner we ate 4 tarts. Just unbelievable! From left to right Tarte aux pommes (apple tart)Tarte Poire (Pear Tarte), Tarte Amande (Amande tart) and my favorite one Tarte au Flan (Flan Tart)
Please look at the edges of the tarts, just looks amazing. Now we can criticize the tarts from pastry shops and we could say ''hmmm edges not look so well :)) ''

This week they continue to make tarts which i am not complaining. I just love ALL French tarts and very very happy that hubby is bringing tarts to home :)))
This week's tarts :)))
From left to right Tarte aux pommes (Apple tarts), Tarte Poire (Pear tarte), Tarte Linzer (Framboise tart) i just i tried farmboise tart then try again and then tried again and ups tart is finished :))). Under the framboise tart there is the Tarte a l'orange (Orange tart) and next to orange tart here is the Tarte aux Pommes but different version i loved and loved that one too.
We will gain looots of weights that's for sure :))

Have to add this tart too Tarte aux cholcolat (Chocolate tart)

Here is Metin, while adding chocolate on the tart. He looks very funny with his chef hat :)) I always thought he will have this kind of chef hat but thats funny :))

Well today's tart pictures :))))
And After :))

Since today i am talking about yummies i would like to share the bazaar that we have in front of our house every wednesdays and saturdays and also on sundays. There is a artisans  demonstration area of their work.
Some pictures from the bazaar.
Le Fromage 
Les poissons 

Les Fleuristes 
Les Fruits



  1. That's awesome! I would LOVE to have a farmers market of sorts right out my front door on the street. How neat. All of this tart talk is making me hungry...