Friday, February 18, 2011

Today's Menu Crochet Macarons and Jardin du Luxembourg

Before starting my day, i would like to show you my new listings which i enjoyed a lot making :)
The story behind is so interesting. I can easily say suddenly. While we were sitting in a cafe with Metin,  just both of us thought i should make macarons from crochet...and here they are wish you like them.
They are available at my online store.

Today's Menu 
Menu Du Jour :))
Well since Metin is at pastry school i have loots of time to look around. Today i started with buying some new yarns for my crochet macarons ( Then i went to Rue du Bac. If anyone didn't see this street, please you must see just amazing and amazing. There are sweet shops both on the left and right of the street and i was crossing the road all the time with jumping one shop to another. After Rue du Bac, i bought some yummy macarons since i can't eat mines i have to eat one and i went to Luxembourg Park. (Jardin Du Luxembourg)
This park is really really wonderful. Just a wonderful silent area in the crowed city like Paris and actually not so far from our home only 15 minutes walking distance.

The entrance of the Park
 I don't know how many entrances this park has but i think a lot so you can buy your sandwich and drink and you can jump in the park from many places.

Here are some pictures of the park. Actually, while i was walking i saw very interesting things which you can see below :DDD

Here is a good place where you can eat your sandwich and listen to your music or read your book. When i was 18 my cousin brought me to Luxembourg Park to look for a painting gallery in park i didn't understand how amazing park was at that time but actually now this place is a heaven for me :)

Views from Park

Definitely, i will going to bring my nephew when he will come to Paris for a pony ride :))) but he will probably be looking for dinosaurs :))

Tennis courts in The Park
I had hard times to take this photo because when people notice that i am taking their photos they just stopped playing tennis :))

Well this was very very interesting. I asked for permission for photography and then took these photos. I asked them what they are doing. I think he said Tai Chi. Now after googling i know what it is :))
After the third photo  its time for me to GOOoo. :)

Uncomfy chair
These chairs are very uncomfortable, but i just love them. Actually really don't know why :)))

Another view from another entrance 
I was just going to finish my writing and will start making crochet macarons, Metin just came home with Pierre Herme Tarte which is called Tarte Infiniment Cafe. He said that sometime ago, Pierre Herme gave this recipe to Ferrandi School, in order to be added to the curriculum.  (

When you eat a pice of that cake it's just wonderful that i remember i used to dip some bread in the nescafe with milk and with this cake you just tasted the same taste. This one is my favorite in all cakes in the world so a big YUMMY for this cake. 
   Here Are Some Photos of  Our Dessert For Dinner Tonight !!!              

Tarte Infiniment Cafe
Thank you thank you hubby love you SOO much :))


  1. loved reading this beliz....great journey today and may every day you encounter fun things :O)

  2. Very very happy that you liked reading.Actually i had a lot fun writing too :O)
    Big hugs goesss to Kim :O))

  3. Beliz cim gercekten keyifli bir blog olmus. Meto nun kek te gercekten yummy gorunuyor. Dondugunuzde isteriz. Soyle metoya :)) deniz tatari

  4. Cok Tesekkuler Deniz.
    Meto'nun cok selami var.
    Dondunuste yapicakmis sizede :)))